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Attack Of The Voxel

Game Engine

1 Month

Unreal 5


Level Designer

Development Time

Team Size





 Attack Of The Voxel is a game that consists of two levels with two different enemy types and multiple Mechanics for each level. The player has three guns chosen from an assault rifle a pistol and a shotgun. Each level will challenge the player in different ways with its mechanics and enemy types.

Level Design

Level 1 Sketch

Level 1


This level introduces the player to one of the enemy types called the chaser. The Chaser will constantly patrol a certain area and when the player reaches that area he will attack him. There are certain areas that are locked from the player the only way to open them is to find the key

Level 1 Overview

Attacks of the Voxel  Level 1 Map.jpg

The player begins to level and has three weapons to choose from


The player encounters a chaser That Patrol is in a certain area and will chase the player in that area. The player also finds a lever that will open a locked door.


The player finds a  key card  that will open a locked door


The player will use the key card to open this door 


The door is now open thanks to the left of the player has interacted with 


The player finds another key card. That will allow him to open the final door on the left


The player uses the yellow key card to open the final door 


The player has reached the end of the level and he will use the portal to go to the next level 


The player encounters another lever that will allow him to continue to the level 


Level 2 Sketch

Level 2


The player for this level has to deal with security turrets and the ability to teleport using portals. The player has the ability to teleport to certain areas by looking at a portal in pressing a button to interact with it. The player must also be weary of security turrets that will start attacking him when he is around a certain range close to them 

Level 2 Overview

Attacks of the Voxel  Level 2 Map.jpg

The player will begin the level.


The player arrives at the other area and searches for another teleporter


The player arrives at another area thanks to the teleporter in the previous area


The player makes his way across the area finding a health pack and another teleporter that he could use


The player he's a teleporter across the level but must start to secure turrets as he makes his way.


The player finds the teleporter and uses it to go to the other area 


As a player reach this area he sees he must make his way through the area as he dodges another security turret.


The player has Reese's final area he must jump on platforms so then he can look at the teleporter to activate it while also dodging security turrets.


The player must our security turrets while also using the teleporter to get to the other area


The player finds an elevator gets on it and goes to the second level of the area.


 The player sees a teleporter across the level but there are two turns in the main area that he must run through the teleporter.


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