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Nocturne was a three-month capstone project for Full Sail University.I, four other level designers, and an artist started this project from scratch.A third-person action-adventure stealth game. You play a scientist who is attempting to escape from a space station. Along the journey, you must battle with robotic patrolling foes and turrets.You also have power-up abilities that can help you along the route. 

Game Details:

Game Engine: Unreal

Development Time: 3 Months

Role: Level Designer

Team Size: 5

Genre: Action-Adventure


  • Created gray box level layout using Unreal Engine 5 modeling mode. 

  • Scripted a level Mechanic that impacted gameplay using Blueprints. 

  • Planned out encounter spaces of enemies and routed patrol paths.

  • Designed level layout by grayboxing the initial environment from a 2D map

  • Implemented scriptable events and sequences such as on collision

  • Collaborated with Many other level designers and artists in a three-month deadline

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