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Unreal 4




Game Designer

Development Time

4  Months

Game Engine

Team Size



Nocturne was My final capstone project for Full Sail University. Nocturne is A third-person stealth adventure game that takes place inside a space station. You play as a medic that's trying to save the station.


In the beginning, there was a total of 4 people and then an artist came at the end to help us make assets. There's a total of nine levels each level having its own unique mechanic. There are also 2 Main enemy types,


There is a patrol  entity that will patrol the area looking for the player and there is a wall entity that is able to go through walls and attack the player

Level Design

Level 1 Sketch

Level 1


This level contains many mechanics such as a patrol AI,  turrets,  and lasers The idea for this level is for the player to start off by trying to take cover against a turret. Then to open the way out of the level you first must find a console that will help you open another console.

After you open the first console you have to go and backtrack your way but the door is locked you must go through the other hallway through the laser field. When you go through the laser field and you're back where you started you can activate the console that will unlock the doors that will allow you to open the lever to the exit of the level. 

Level 1 Overview

Capstone Project Level 1.png

The player beginning to level 


The player sees turrets and he must get behind cover to dodge an incoming projectile 


The player sees a patrolling enemy 


The player sees a health station so he can recover health


The player can access the terminal but first, he must dodge another turret so that he can unlock the doors 


If the player interacts with his console it will make a checkpoint for the level 


After these doors have been unlocked by a console. the player can interact with another console  so that he can unlock the doors to a lever That will open the door to the final console


By interacting with this lever the player opens the door to the final console 


The player can interact with this console so that he can go to the next level 


Level 2 Sketch

Level 2


This level focuses on traps and patrolling enemies. The player figured out which is the correct path to the final console. If he chooses the wrong path you must deal with traps and enemies along the way.

Level 2 Overview

_Capstone  Level  2.png

The player begins the level 


The player must decide which path to take. The wrong path has patrol enemies, and traps and leads to a dead end.


The player can interact with his console to save his progress 


The player has found a help station where you can recover his health 


The player has found a console that will he'll allows him to complete the level 


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