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Phantom is a third-person adventure game in which you play as an archer recruited to break into a fortress and perform specific missions in order to obtain a reward. As a player, you will have a variety of arrows and magical skills to help you fulfill your objective.

Game Details:

Game Engine: Unreal 5

Development Time: 1 Month

Role: Level Designer

Genre: Third person action adventure

Team Size: Solo


  • Designed documentation to ensure gameplay and cinematic beats were followed

  • Implemented scriptable events and sequences such as on collision

  • Created fully blocked-out level using a bubble map and a level map created in Adobe Illustrator

  • Researched a variety of Dark Souls games and used PureRef to gather references 

  • Built the block-out level using Unreal Engine and Unreal Engine blueprints 

  • Created and managed game design document(GDD) for project


Gathering References

"I gathered references for my game from various sources including Ghosts of Tsushima and student projects."

Bubble Diagram

This bubble diagram indicates how the player can move around the level when he is inside of the fort he can go to any area using a multiple of different paths a very open level



Blockout 1

Add NPCs outside the fort, and use UE5 Terrain mode to make a water pit, limit fort entry to two ways.

Blackout (1).png
Blackout (2).png

Blockout 2

I wanted a fort that resembles ancient castles with openings in the walls or a hole to cross to the other side.

Blockout 3

I added watchtowers, houses, huts, and a stable to the simple wall of the Fort basic geometry and colors.

Blackout (3).png
Phantom Level Map.png
Receive the quest.png

1. Receive the quest

Take the boat ride behind the enemy base.png

2. Take the boat ride

Take out the guard behind the entrance of the Fort.png

3. Take out the guard

Rescue the prisoners.png

4.Rescue the prisoners

Kill the general .png

5.Kill the general 

Recover the Intel.png

6.Recover the Intel

Open the gate to the front of the fort .png

6.Open the gate

ACT 1 - Infiltrate The Fort


In Act 1 Sneak behind the fort, eliminate a guard, and save the prisoner

ACT 2 - Kill the general


In Act 2 you take out the general of the fort and recover the plans

ACT 3 - Escape


In the Final Act, you must find the lever to open the doors so that you can leave the Army in and receive over your reward 

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