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Shotgun Runner

3 days


FPS & Platformer


Level Designer

Development Time

Game Engine

Team Size




The concert for Shotgun Runner with a simple one. The player has a certain amount of time to reach the end of the level before he loses. The only way the player could reach a certain platform it's not only by jumping but also by using the shotgun blast to elevate him higher. Shotgun Runner was a game jam game done in 72 hours

Level Design

Level Sketch

The original idea for the level sketch was to Have enemies that the player would have to deal with. These enemies would be able to shoot you and if you were to shoot the enemy you would be moving backward. This created a risk kind of reward system if you want to deal with the enemies you would have to Shoot your shotgun which would then push you back outside of a platform.


Another original idea we had was to have Wall running in the game is the player did not execute the wrong while running correctly he would fall into the pit and restart the level. At the end both of these ideas how to be scrapped because of time constraints. The level was reworked to have more challenging Platforming

Level Overview

Level Map 1 GameJam 117.png

The player will start the level and the countdown will begin. The player only has 3 minutes to complete the level or else the level reset


The player has officially reached the end of the level


The only way the player will be able to reach the platform Is if he jumps and also shoots a shotgun so that he can increase his jump velocity.


This ghost platform will disappear in a certain amount of seconds and then reappear if the player is on it he will fall through the platform.


The player will encounter another ghost platform


The player was jump on an edge so that he can get to the second level of the platforms.


When the player jumps on these to endure platforms must be very careful cuz there's not much room to land.


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