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Unreal 4


Level Designer

Development Time

2 Months

Game Engine

Team Size





Venture is a 3rd personal 3D platformer that has one world with three levels. In those levels, you will encounter cannons, turtles, and an enemy that will chase you.Venture is a simple platforming game where the only thing the player can do is jump

Level Design

Level 1 Rough Level Layout

Level 1

World 1-1.jpg

This level with a very simple level introduces a player to some of the enemies they would face in the other level. You only have to deal with two turtles and two gun turrets.Players are also introduced to switch boxes and switches 

Level 1 Overview

World 1-1.png

The player begins the level


The player encounters a turtle. The turtle moves in a specific path and when it touches a player it does damage the player. The player  can kill the turtle if he jumps on him 


The player encounters gun turns that shoot cannons. They have a specific pattern in which the player must time it so they can dodge the cannon


The player encounters a switch and switch box. The player must jump on the switch , So that that switch box appears creating a platform for the player to jump on


The player has reached the end of the level he must go to the door to reach the next level 


Level 2 Rough Level Layout

Level 2

World 1-2.jpg

This time around the player has to deal with multiple Turtles. After the player has done with the turtles and his climb the platform he must deal with a monster enemy they'll chase the player around and attack him

Level 2 Overview

World 1-2.png

The player begins to level and he was start the turtles making his way to the platform.


The player has a number of obstacles he must climb to reach the top of the platform.


The player sees an enemy that's patrolling a certain area. He must figure out how to dodge this enemy 


This type of enemy patrols a certain area and will attack the player when he sees him


The player must time his jump correctly or else he will fall to his death.


The play reaches its area thanks to the platform he now must figure out how to get to the other side by using the switch box


The player reaches the switch box and activates it this creates a platform for the player to jump on


The player jumps on this platform and is able to reach the next area


The player has reached a final area he must go through this door to reach next area 


Level 3 Rough Level Layout

Level 3

World 1-3.jpg

This level uses many mechanics that you have seen in the first and second levels. The player will encounter gun turns, turtles , the monster enemy  and moving platforms 

Level 3 Overview

World 1-3.png

The player begins the level 


The player now sees three gun turrets he must time his movements carefully so he does not get hit 


The player must use the moving platform to get to the other side


The player sees four turtles in the area he must jump To dodge their attacks


The players see the monster enemy patrol an area. He must figure out how to create two platforms so that he can reach the end of the level


The player uses the  moving platform to reach one of the switch boxes


The player has now reached the other switch box he activates it and he has created two of the platforms he needs to reach the other end 


The player uses both of the newly-created platforms and he is able to reach the end of a level 


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