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  • Learned Level Design Theory and Processes, Game Design Theory, Shape Composition,
    Architecture, and Player Psychology

  • Implemented Multiple level and game Design   theories Throughout a 10-week course 

  • Analyzed And revitalized multiple levels from feedback from professional level designer 

  • Created multiple levels of linear, open, and semi linear using Unreal Engine 5 and the toolkit gave by course 

  • Designed Many landmarks POI, and focal points throughout my levels 

  • Developed Multiple games using different genres and themes throughout a 10-week course 

Asian Style Street

A city street styled in an Asian theme. Go around the level exploring and finding secrets along every corner

Asian Style (1).png
Asian Style.gif
Asian Style (2).png

Explorer stores of wide varieties

Asian Style (3).png

Uncover bars and special areas

Asian Style (4).png

Wide and narrow streets

Asian Style (5).png

Inspired by Asian themes

Ancient Tomb

A linear level with a theme of an ancient tomb.Looking for lost treasure and secrets 

Ancent Tomb (1).png
Ancent Tomb (5).png

Learn the history of the tombs

Ancent Tomb (4).png

Traverse while crouching

Ancent Tomb (2).png

A lever opening up lost treasures 

Ancent Tomb (3).png

Reward the player for exploring

Sky Island

An open-world platforming level inspired by the likes of Mario and Zelda

Sky Isalnd (2).png
Sky Isalnd (3).png

Buttons for the player to find

Sky Isalnd (1).png

Coins for the player to collect

Sky Isalnd (4).png

Player find ways to get the gems

Sky Isalnd (5).png

Dangerous obstacles for the player

Lunar Base

An open world level with multiple districts for the player to explore

Lunar Base (5).png
Lunar Base.gif
Lunar Base (3).png

Use your jetpack to traverse the level

Lunar Base (2).png

Collect the power cells

Lunar Base (1).png

Use the level geometry to platform around

Lunar Base (4).png

Traversal system to move around


A linear level where the player must steal an artifact from a museum 

Museum (4).png
Museum (1).png

Disable the security system

Museum (3).png

Finding unique shortcuts

Museum (2).png

Sneak around patrolling guards

Museum (5).png

Finding secret treasure

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