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Crisis is a first-person shooter where the player arrives on an enemy base and must navigate through it to get to the underground facility. Once in there the player must disarm the nuclear warheads and escape the bass. The player can change his loadout when he is around a resupply backpack.The player has a choice to either go loud or silent depending on his playstyle 

Game Details:

Game Engine: Unreal 5

Development Time: 1 Month

Role: Level Designer

Genre: First Person Shooter

Team Size: Solo


  • Implemented multiple cinematic cutscenes using Unreal Engine 5 sequencer 

  • Designed level layout using multiple references with PureRef.

  • Created blockout level layout using Unreal Engine 5 landscape mode

  • Organized documentation using Trello and Confluence 

  • Built many unique structures and landmarks using Unreal 5's modeling mode 

Screenshot 2024-01-17 190203.png

Gathering References

Many of the references gathered here are from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 remake level Recon by Fire. By using PureRef I was able to gather many materials to go for a more open-level design.

Screenshot 2024-01-31 174919.png

Bubble Diagram

The bubble diagram allowed me to create the level without much geometry getting in the way. By simply creating the rooms and the specific areas the player will go to. I was able to get a good understanding of my level 

Rough Leve Map.drawio.png

Level Map

I used To make my level map. I wanted the player to feel wide open at this level. I marked out the specific patrol routes of each enemy and this early design was changed later on for the final product 


I wanted to design a level similar to the Modern Warfare 2 remake Recon by Fire mission. The player has a vast amount of space where he can interact with the enemy. The player has the freedom of choice to do whatever he can do to get to the main objective which is the lighthouse he can kill all the enemies or it can simply go unnoticed and go past them 

Time-lapse of a block-out process.gif

Main Base

The main base where the player will start the level is open and there are many different buildings the player can go inside and get a new weapon or find a customizable weapon backpack. The player has the option to either kill all the enemies or sneak by them to get to the main objective.

Underground Base.gif

Underground Base

The underground base is much smaller than the main one, but the player must navigate there to find out where the missiles are located and disable them.

Go loud or stealth through the base.png

1. Navigate base

Take the elevator to the laboratory.png

4.Take the elevator 

Find out that the door is locked.png

2. Door is locked

Plant the explosives on the Missilse.png

5.Disabled the Missilse 

ind the button that can open the door .png

3. Find the button 

Escape the base.png

6.Escape the base 

Navigate through the base

As the player begins the level he'll be dropped right in front of the base. Where he can see the huge landmark of the lighthouse indicating where the player must go. The player has a choice of how he can navigate the level.

make your way through the bas.gif

Open the gate

As the player proceeds to the level he will be blocked by a gate. Now the player must find the button so he can open the gate and proceed to the Underground base.

gate locked.gif

Unground base

Now that the player is in the underground base. He must make his way to the missile silo. Once there when you press another button. The missile hatch will open up allowing the player to disarm the missiles.

unground base.gif

Disable the missiles

Once the player has located the missiles. He simply has to walk over to them and a box will be created indicating that the player has disarmed the missiles.

Plant the explosives on the Missilse.gif


Once the player has disarmed the missiles he must make his way back up to the main base using the elevator. When he's on the main base he must make his way to the port where the player can grab a boat once there the cinematic cutscene will play showing the player escaping.

Escape the base.gif
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