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Cross-hunt the Third Person Adventure game where you pillage a castle looking for treasure. There will be certain Gates that are closed I can only open by finding a lever. You encounter a boss-like enemy that is stopping you from collecting the treasure

Game Details:

Game Engine: Unreal 5

Development Time: 2 Weeks

Role: Level Designer

Team Size: Solo

Genre: Third person action


  • Designed documentation to ensure gameplay and cinematic Beats were followed

  • Implemented scriptable events and  sequences  such as on collision

  • Created fully blocked-out level using a bubble map and a level map created in Adobe Illustrator

  • Researched a variety of Dark Souls games and used PreReft to gather references 

  •  Built the block-out level using Unreal Engine  and Unreal Engine blueprints 

  • Crafted A unique boss fight Using Unreal Engine blueprints 

Gathering References

Many of my references were from the Dark Souls series. In the series, you do go around many castles and traverse the area. Many of the castles also have different types of surroundings such as daytime, nighttime and fall dark fog

Crosshunt Rough map.png

Paper Design

The paper diagram is a rough sketch that I started at the beginning of my level design process. Here's what I want to get the basic structure of the level and where I can quickly brainstorm ideas of what works and what doesn't work.

Bubble Diagram

The bubble diagram allows me to map out the specific areas or rooms I want to build the level with. This way I don't have to focus heavily on the architecture.


The blockout process starts with me creating a landscape for my level. I start creating the battleground where the player will fight enemies the most. I then go create the buildings the player will go into and explore.

Time-lapse of a block-out process.gif

Battleground one

In the first Battleground in the level the player will incur counter two enemies patrolling the level he has an option of sneaking around or attacking them.There will be also be weapons scattered around the area so the player can switch between an ax and a shield or a sword


Building one

If the player explores and go into the first building. He will be rewarded with a health pack and a sword


Building two

I believe in the second building the player will face two more enemies patrolling the area when he's done fighting them or sneaking around them he will find a lever though open the second gate so the player can proceed


Battleground two

I was talking in the second Battleground the player will face a boss-like enemy and his minion. They are both standing in the path of the tower where the player can find the treasure. The player must defeat the boss to proceed 


1. Open the gate 

fighting enemies.png

2.Fight the patrolling enemies 

Second gate.png

3. Open the second gate 


4.Fight the boss 

treasure .png

5.Find the treasure 

Crosshunt Level Map.png

Open the gate

The player begins to level he notices a lever in front of him by walking over to the lever an event will play where the gate will come down and the player can proceed into the castle

Opening gate Gif.gif

Take out the enemy

The player proceeds into the castle he will face patrolling enemies he has two options by their fight through them or you can sneak around them and look for the lever to the second gate 

Fighting enemies.gif

Find the lever

The player will find the second lever in one of the buildings when he uses his lever the gate will open and he can proceed to the tower 

Window Gate Gif.gif

Fight the Boss

In the last part of the level the player will face a boss like enemy along with his minion if the player wants to proceed to the tower he must defeat the boss 

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