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Game Details:


Development Time

Level Designer

3 Weeks

Game Engine

Unreal 5

Team Size



Third Person Shooter


In the third-person stealth game Firefight, the objective is to sneak inside a base and put C4 on the missiles then escape to get out. You are given a silent pistol and rifle and can take down enemies from behind. The player is  also equipped with a scan ability scanning nearby enemy's positions and special objects 


  • Implemented a scan ability that allows a player to locate enemies and unique objects 

  • Designed bubble map, and final level layout Using Unreal Engine 5

  • Built multiple cinematic cutscenes using the Unreal 5 engine sequencer 

  • Created gray box level layout using Unreal Engine 5 modeling mode 

  • Developed multiple-level blueprints Such as enemy spawn on collision 


Gathering References

Using PreRef allows me to gather many references So that I can have a great understanding of my level layout and it also helps me with block mesh

Paper Design

The paper diagram was an early prototype of what the level I wanted to be the final product is much smaller and simpler. But this design allows me to get the core mechanics of what I'm looking for


Bubble Diagram

This bubble diagram helps me make a simple level map without adding any complex Geometry. As you can see the player starts in the landing area and then works his way To the main enemy base from there he can go to different buildings and find keys


The blackout stage was done simply I used only very simple shapes to get my idea across. By only using a few different colors the player was able to Define which each shape was making it easier to travel the level.I also had to make sure to place objects in specific areas because the game is a stealth game or the player must hide from the enemy to go on detected

First Building.gif

Science Building

The science building has a few traps the player mustache or else you could die easily.The blocking out was very simple because this building only had one room and two floors. I feel that the one room with many different objects that can immerse the player to make sure he knows that this is a science building

Second Building.gif

Armory Building

The Army building had many different rooms of where the player could get rewarded by checking all the rooms such as ammo health and even new weapons.Many of the different enemies would also come in and outside of the building


Communication Tower

The communication Tower is the biggest building in the level the player can use a ladder to ascend to the next floor.Many of the hallways inside the building has very small pathways

Screenshot 2023-12-23 152418.png

1. Parachute onto the base

Level Flowchart (8).png

2. Plant the C4 onto the missile 

Level Flowchart (9).png

3.Find the energy cells

Level Flowchart (12).png

4.Sneak into the Science Building

Level Flowchart (8).png

5.Sneck Communication Tower

Level Flowchart (10).png

5.Sneck Armory

Level Flowchart (13).png

7.Power on the elevator and Escape

FIrefight Level map.png

Arrived on Bases

At the beginning of the level A cutscene will play showing the player parachute onto the enemy base

Arrive on base.gif

Plant C4 on the Middle

When the player sneaks onto the base he must reach the missiles and plants the C4 so he can continue to the next phase of the mission

Plant the C4.gif

Trying to Escape

When the player completes his main objective he tries to escape but he realizes that the elevator is powered down

Trying to escape.gif

Finding The Energy Cells

The player must know find three power cells to activate the elevator he must search throughout the base and inside of the buildings to find all three power cells

Finding the cell.gif

Activating the Elevator

What's the player finds all three power cells he can activate the elevator and watch the lift come down

Activatin the Elevator.gif


When the players escaping cutscene will appear where he watches a missile and explode



As soon as the level starts the player will notice the missiles. This indicates to the player where he has to go right away without having to look at any kind of map or hud like elements



The elevator controls acts as a gate for the player he cannot finish the level until he finds the three power cells to activate the elevator

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